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The ARL 8680S "Total Cement Analyzer"

A vigilant watch on quality is maintained around the clock as Quality Control Laboratory Technicians perform numerous chemical analysis tests each hour on raw materials, clinker, and finished cement using the ARL 8680S "Total Cement Analyzer." The flexibility and speed of analysis of the x-ray fluorescence spectrometer allows us to closely monitor the process. This instrument is very useful in research and development as it can accurately quantify most known elements.

The petrographic microscope quickly reveals kiln burning conditions. Details of crystal size, morphology, abundance, and distribution are interpreted and used to determine the rate of temperature rise, resident time in the burning zone, and cooling rate of the clinker as it passes through the kiln. Classical wet chemistry methods are used to determine tests not available from the total cement analyzer. Tests include loss on ignition, insoluble residue, free lime, solid fuel analysis, and water analysis.


The laboratory test results are automatically fed into the various computerized mill feed control systems to maximize product control uniformity.

Concern for quality does not end at the plant. Customers want to produce a quality product, and Monarch wants to help. Through analysis of concrete-making material, testing of hardened and plastic concrete, educational programs, and research projects, the Quality Concrete Technology Lab provides the technical assistance necessary to optimize production.

The final test of quality is in the performance of the finished product. Many tests are performed on each mill test sample to assure a quality product. All testing meets the requirements of the Federal Government, The American Society for Testing and Materials, and various states' Departments of Transportation.

A concrete cube is compressed and tested.



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