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Monarch's Preheater Towers

There are two separate kilns in operation at Monarch. Kilns #4 and #5 were installed in 1973 and 1975, respectively, and in 2001 Kiln #5 was upgraded to a precalciner kiln. Then, in 2006 Kiln #4 was also upgraded to a precalciner.Hot gases from the fuel-fired end of the kiln travel through the kiln and up through each of the four stages prior to being sent to the baghouse or roller mill. As the hot gases rise up the tower, raw kiln feed is pneumatically conveyed to the top stages of the tower.


As the feed makes its way down the tower, it absorbs heat from the hot gas, ultimately reaching 2,000 F at the entrance of the kiln. The rotation of the kiln causes the feed to move closer to the clinkering point in the kiln, where the final chemical reaction takes place at operating temperatures in the 2,800 F range. The duct work added in 1994 between the clinker coolers and the baghouses acts as a heat exchanger. The air from the clinker cooler enters through the top of the unit and passes down these tubes where fans blow cooler ambient air across the tubes cooling the hot gases to a safe temperature range before entering the Clinker Cooler Dust Collection System.

An exterior view of the #5 kiln



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