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An explosive blast breaks up the limestone needed for cement production

The process of quarrying limestone begins with the drilling of 4 1/2 inch diameter holes approximately 36 feet deep. The holes are loaded with explosives and blasted to create limestone pieces 4 feet in diameter or less (shot rock).


Large front-end loaders load 50-ton haul trucks with the shot rock to be hauled to the crushing system. The trucks dump directly into a 1,200 ton per hour triple deck Vibrating Grizzley capable of separating all rock 4 inches or less. Oversize rock goes directly into a Gyratory Crusher.

The Gyratory Crusher is a separate system capable of reducing this material to 4 inches or less rock. Rock from the Grizzley and Gyratory Crusher is reunited on a common conveyor belt and transported to the stock pile. The stock pile consists of 40,000 to 60,000 tons of crushed limestone, the primary raw material in the cement manufacturing process.



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